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Instructions & Information

When attending the NMSF, each student will receive a Letter of Intent from each program interested in his/her performing arts abilities in the areas of: Instrumental, Dance, and Vocals. You can audition for as many schools as you wish, with the potential to receive multiple "Letters of Intent" from various school programs. So let's get started? Just complete the registration form and you're done. 


Rehearsals are held at SWD and will be announced to registered applicants via email.

(Rehearsals are CLOSED to all family & friends.)


Attire for rehearsals: All Black top and bottoms, please wear flesh tone tights, if you choose shorts.

Hair should be worn back off your face during rehearsals. All rehearsal material should be on at the time of rehearsals. 


  • Dancers and Flags will learn a Dance and a Stand Routine Combination

  • Questions will be answered at the end of rehearsals regarding audition day


Attire for AUDITION DAY: All dancers should have either a BLUE, RED OR WHITE SPORTS BRA. Dancers must have black boy cut, dance shorts or briefs worn with tights. Flags, must wear black jazz pants. Shoes: preferable all black jazz or dance sneakers. Tan jazz shoes are acceptable if you do not have black. 

  • 9am Report time for all DANCERS AND FLAGS 

  • Report to check–in area ( you will receive directions upon arrival)

  • Hair should compliment your face, please no bangs or hair in the face.

  • Dancers are responsible for their own Make-Up


  • Performance stud earrings ONLY ( leave other jewelry home)

  • No BELLY rings on audition day and any tattoo that are visible will be covered ( please apply correct makeup for this area to avoid fading)


  •  Please bring your own flags: 30 seconds ONLY routine with a level of difficulty ( flags will not be provided) You will perform this routine, only if directed by the DIRECTOR


  • Hand towel and  Baby wipes

  • Make sure you wear a cover up over your entire audition wardrobe, when entering and exiting the building 

  • Bring Lunch/ Fluids (No sodas)

Auxiliary PASS
(No late fee)


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